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A Father's Love

A Children's Book by Alicia Smith

"A Father's Love" will allow readers to understand the significance of personal motivation,  establishing a healthy relationship between a father and daughter, recognizing the importance of quality time, and positive role modeling. ​ 24 pages and includes Coloring Pages at the end of the book.

$20.00  | Hardcover. 24 pages + Coloring pages.

Kind Words & Reviews

"A Father's Love is such a lovely read, reminding all parents and children of the importance of time together, off screens. It also reminds parents the importance of creating space for our children to be supported in little and big achievements."

"This is a sweet story about the love between a father and daughter, and the importance of quality time, communication and encouragement. It’s beautifully illustrated, and my children love the fun coloring pages in the back."

$12.99  | Softcover. 18 pages.

Kind Words & Reviews

Sweet story and beautifully illustrated

Anything that can help give different ideas and perspectives to parents and their children when it comes to chores - take note! Sweet story and the illustrations are beautiful and very detailed. 💕

 - Lerica

An encouraging and relatable story!

I bought this book in order to help encourage my 4 year old to pick up after himself and participate in small chores. He was very engaged in the story and loves the beautiful illustrations (as did I!). This is the perfect story to teach kids about the benefits of keeping a tidy home.

- Laura Kirby

Love, love, love it!!!!

The Mess is the perfect story for parents trying to teach their children (or fur babies) responsibility! I love that it gives parents an idea of how to make cleaning up fun!! There is no better way to get your child to do a chore they don't want to do than making it a game! It's a beautiful story! I am amazed by all the color!!! It is truly vibrant! The story line is adorable!

- Young Family 

The kiddos have already taken to cleaning up their room and putting toys away.

Our kids love the book. It's fantastic. Last night, our 4 year old son put some music while he was cleaning up his messy room, then showed us proudly.
- Movrev

Great Book!

Great book! Written in a way that kids can connect with the important message. My son enjoyed it so much and grown ups liked it as well! The illustrations are amazing!
- KStar


Currently reading this book with my baby girl! I love the illustrations in the book and the story being used to teach a lesson regarding cleaning our mess up. I definitely recommend this book.

 - TaSonya Hughes

The Mess

A Children's Book by Alicia Smith

Children may need motivation and assistance from adults when they are asked to clean their spaces. During this time, adults may need to consider stepping out of their comfort zone and using their imagination to create fun and engaging ways that will encourage children to clean up. This is a short story about kangaroos who experience the importance of cleaning their mess to find something that is special to them. 


About the Author
Alicia Smith

My name is Alicia Smith, I’m from California, and I’m an educator. I enjoy traveling, listening to various podcasts, and mentoring young children. I was inspired to become an author because of an experience I encountered with my students, which led me to create my first book, “The Mess.” The story encourages children to be responsible and it incorporates a fun game of team work while cleaning their mess.


Furthermore, I was inspired to write “A Father’s love” because of my childhood interactions. The book focuses on having a positive role model, establishing healthy relationships, and highlights the importance of quality time with parents and loved ones.


I enjoy writing books because I’m sharing positive messages that children can relate to. I also believe that children can learn valuable lessons and it’s a great way for me to use my imagination. I hope you enjoyed the story. Thank you so much for your support!


About the Illustrator
Olivia Smith Hancook

Hello, my name is Olivia Smith Hancock. I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I started painting because I enjoy creating art. I had my favorite cartoons and video games growing up and I wanted to create my own images. I had the desire to show more positive images of dark skin people and I use my artistic and creative expression to do so.


My favorite mediums to use are watercolor and digital paint. My inspirations are nature, fantasy, beauty and reality. My desires are for others to enjoy and appreciate my work as I want to inspire and motivate others.  

2014, I graduated from California State University East Bay with a Bachelor's degree in graphic design. My long term goals are to have an art and animation production studio in the future.


Creating the illustrations for "The Mess" I had a fun and engaging experience. Alicia gave me the description for the story and pages. I loved the idea of using kangaroos to teach a lesson. 

To learn more about me, please visit:

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